A-Z of First Trimester Sonography Atlas & Illustration (Paperback)

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The use of high-frequency resolution ultrasound machines in the clinical practice and, particularly, high-frequency transvaginal probes, has permitted the study of the initial phases of the morphological development of the embryo and to detect possible pathologies. The diagnostic potential of TVS ultrasound is very high in the first weeks of embryonic development, but the operator needs a good knowledge of the processes of embryonic morphogenesis and the varying ultrasound findings that can be found in the first weeks of pregnancy. An ultrasound examination in the first trimester can also provide useful information in order to predict the risk of miscarriage. The elements on which such a prognosis is based are many. So I decided to clarify the above problems related to early pregnancy up to 14wks as:
- Guidelines for first Trimester pregnancy assessment: Minimum Standard for the first Trimester pregnancy.
- Implantation & its problems.
- Sonoembryology
- Biometry: importance of early GA establishment.
- Sonography of First Trimester pregnancy: normal & abnormal
- Pseudo pathology of Embryo
- Gestational Sac (GS) Amniotic cavity & extra embryonic celom.
- Yolk sac (YS)
- Anembryonic Pregnancy: Blighted Ovum.
- Chorionic frundosum & placenta; Bumps, Hydatid Mole / Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD)- Sub chorionic Hematoma
- Incomplete Abortion & missed Abortion
- First trimester anomalies scan (FTAS)
- NT & Nasal bone (first trimester aneuploidy screening: FTS)
- Early foetal cardiac echo by TVS
- Ectopic pregnancy & pregnancy of unknown location(PUL): tubal, cervical, cs scar ectopic & other.
- Chorionic villous sampling: overview.
- Multifetal pregnancy: chronicity, early disparity & MFPR

About the Author:
Dr. B. I. Patel is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, specializing in Fetal medicine over the last 25 years at Gynob Sono Scan Center, Shachi Women's Hospital, Ahmedabad. He is an alumnus of the well-known B J Medical College, Ahmedabad from where he pursued MBBS, diploma and master degree. He was awarded Diploma in Fetal Medicine by NSU, Singapore in 1992, was awarded the Fellowship of IFMUB 1996 and was awarded Diploma of 3D and 4D Ultrasonography at Austria by Dr. Kratochwil in 1999.
Dr. Patel has been a pioneer in Conventional and Advanced Sonography, Transvaginal Sonography, 3D, 4D, Doppler and Interventional Sonography and is credited for introducing 3D and 4D USG for the first time in the state of Gujarat in 1999. Dr. Patel has attended many workshops and conferences, trained around 700 Gynecologists in Sonography at his FOGSI accredited training center. He was felicitated by Ahmedabad Medical Association (AMA) for Excellence in the Medical field in 2000 and received the Outstanding Contribution Award by FOGSI Committee in the same year. He was felicitated by the Red Cross Society and Government of Gujarat for his outstanding contribution in Chorionic Villus Sampling in Thalassemia patients. Dr. Patel is the Hon. Secretary of Gujarat Medical Journal (GMJ) for the last 20 years, and the founder President of Society of Fetal Medicine (SEM), Gujarat, Chapter.
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