Abandoned Albany: Relics of the Capital District (America Through Time) (Paperback)

Abandoned Albany: Relics of the Capital District (America Through Time) By Jay Farrell Cover Image
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Abandoned structures are places that open the imagination and invite interpretation. Exploration of their rusted, rotted remnants ensures stories of the forgotten continue to be told. While often overlooked by passers-by, their skeletal remains, weathered paint, and patina act as the perfect subject for the lens of a camera, quietly waiting to be documented and shared with the world.

In Abandoned Albany: Relics Of The Capital District, Nashville-based photographer and author, Jay Farrell, takes readers through the forgotten corners of Capitaland on a series of explorations. This collection of beautifully haunting photos and narratives help viewers envision these places in their glory days. Now in their post-apocalyptic state, readers feel every cold gust of wind, and hear every creaking steel door and breaking shard of glass.

Being an Albany native, Jay has the advantage of a home base in Albany with family, friends, and personal memories of some of these now abandoned treasures. Tobin's First Prize, Altec Steel in Watervliet, Fownes glove factory in Amsterdam, and other former Capitaland icons are featured in this book, long after the last whistle blew and the final puff of smoke belched from its smokestacks.

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ISBN: 9781634994606
ISBN-10: 1634994604
Publisher: America Through Time
Publication Date: May 29th, 2023
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: America Through Time