Qingming Festival and Other Stories (Paperback)

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The novelette Qingming Festival was written by the famous Chinese writer Zhang Tianyi. In the story, a domestic conflict between two landlords is finally ended with reconciliation by the scarring of three soldiers, revealing the ferocity and cruelty of the feudal forces. "Bao and His Son" depicts the image of Bao as an honest, nice father with a weak character who has great expectations for his son, but he ends up disappointed. The South-Yangze River Water Village serves as the background. This story was made into a 1983 film by Beijing Film Studio. "Mrs. Huawei," published in 1938, depicts the bureaucratic image of a self-contented and obstinate Kuomintang official by the use of exaggeration and satire. About the Author The well-known writer Zhang Tianyi was born in 1906 and died in 1985. He officially began his writing career in 1929, served as deputy director of the China Federation of Literature Committee, was the Chinese Writers' Association secretary and was chief editor of "People's Literature." Representative works include his popular fairy tales "Dalin and Xiaolin," "The Magic Gourd," and "The Bald King," as well as the novels "Mr. Warwick" and "Ghost Diary." Born in Nanjing, he finished primary school and junior high school in Hangzhou, and was admitted to Peking University in 1925. Publisher's website: http: //sbprabooks.com/ZhangTianyi.
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