Naked as a Jailbird: A Raw Narrative of Life Behind Bars (Paperback)

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The Christmas Mary Had Twins:

Eschews the exotic settings and cameo appearances by popes and presidents that are stock-in-trade. Shaw seems content to paint on a smaller canvas, and the resulting portrait is remarkably true to life and strangely compelling. The prose style is rough-hewn, even inelegant, but somehow it seems well suited to narrate the lives of these earthy characters.

James Johnston, America


A rookie priest assigned to chaplain’s duty, who has to do his growing up after he already has the collar on and people are calling him father. Shaw’s elucidation of the pull of faith is about as enlightening an answer the questioner is going to get.

Leslie Hanscom, Newsday


What Andrew Greeley did to sensationalize the priesthood, Shaw does to humanize it.

Publisher’s Weekly


Dagger John:

Told with wit and zest” about “fighter Bishop [John Hughes] who led immigrants, relished the battle” and yet was “always available to the little people.

The National Catholic Reporter
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ISBN: 9781614681861
Publisher: The Troy Book Makers
Publication Date: October 9th, 2013