The Collective Poetic Works of Jonathan Pratt (Paperback)

The Collective Poetic Works of Jonathan Pratt  Cover Image


Jonathan William Pratt

January 1, 1986 to February 13, 2009

Jonathan Pratt’s keen intellect and generous spirit shine brilliantly

throughout this wonderful collection of his poetry. Despite the poet’s youth, his voice is always wise and steady as he shares his creative insights and musings. Some of my favorites among the selected – such as “Prove Paradox,” “Ghost Ship…,” “In Conclusion,” and many others – contain lines sure to linger and resonate long after you close the book. Poetry lovers are fortunate that he left this gift, this passionate legacy of verse, behind for us to enjoy.

-James R. Whitley, poet

Author of This Is the Red Door
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ISBN: 9781614681120
Publisher: The Troy Book Makers
Publication Date: December 11th, 2012