Looking Within: Understanding Ourselves through Human Imaging (Paperback)

Looking Within: Understanding Ourselves through Human Imaging By Cullen Ruff Cover Image
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What would it really be like to have x-ray vision? Beyond diagnosing illness or injury, can images of ourselves tell us more about life?

What if you could see that an accident victim will never walk again; that a young mother has breast cancer; or that a teenager is brain-dead and will be removed from life support? Can imaging help us better appreciate the complexity of existence, our strengths and vulnerabilities? Does looking into the body give insight into what it means to be human? Would it allow you, at least indirectly, to glimpse evidence of the human soul?

Looking Within by Cullen Ruff, MD, is the first mainstream collection of dramatic non-fiction narratives about discoveries in patients found by medical imaging. Ruff highlights the wonder and mystery of the human body, literally and metaphorically looking inside of others. Each story describes a patient in whom a life-changing discovery is made: tumors, stroke, domestic violence, substance abuse, sterility, unexpected pregnancy, infection, surgical complications, evidence of criminal activity, mental illness, even impending death. Dr. Ruff's words, images, and insights help us see ourselves like never before.

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ISBN: 9781611533200
ISBN-10: 1611533201
Publisher: Torchflame Books
Publication Date: February 11th, 2020
Pages: 268
Language: English