One Hundred Years of Exile: A Romanov's Search for Her Father's Russia (Paperback)

One Hundred Years of Exile: A Romanov's Search for Her Father's Russia By Tania Romanov Cover Image
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Exiled from Yugoslavia, Tania Romanov's family immigrated to a promising future in San Francisco. But her Russian father's resistance to assimilation leaves her with deep resentment-and unanswered questions after his death. Serendipity and a descendant of the Tsar catapult Tania on a life-changing quest for forgiveness and redemption.

About the Author

Tania Romanov Amochaev is the author of Mother Tongue: A Saga of Three Generations of Balkan Women and Never a Stranger, a collection of travel essays. She has won Solas Awards for her stories, and her work has been featured in multiple travel anthologies, including the Best Travel Writing series. Born in the former Yugoslavia, Tania fled the country and spent her childhood in a refugee camp in Trieste, Italy, before immigrating to the United States. Tania attended San Francisco public schools, and grew up in the city's Russian community. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, Tania forged a successful business career in high tech, serving as CEO of three companies. She also earned an MS in Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and received an honorary PhD from Saint Catherine University. Tania lives in San Francisco and Sonoma County.
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ISBN: 9781609521950
ISBN-10: 1609521951
Publisher: Travelers' Tales
Publication Date: October 20th, 2020
Pages: 352
Language: English