A Will of Her Own: A Story of Faith, Love and Scandal (Paperback)

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This evocative memoir will appeal to those who lived through and remember the sixties, as well as to people of faith. In 1947, Mary Scanlan was a freckle-faced, Catholic school girl, believing in miracles, dutifully reciting her prayers, attending Mass, loving processions and benedictions. By 1966, she was a feminist magazine editor, questioning the Church's position on women and sexuality, dismissive of Catholic theology. While living the single life in Manhattan, she became involved in a scandalous, unconventional relationship with a priest who was a popular leader in the Brooklyn Church. A Will of Her Own recounts this story. Will was intellectually excited by the cultural and religious turmoil of the sixties, but personally tormented as he moved forward in his priesthood. He was a man who was not supposed to be loved or touched by a woman. But, he was on a deadline and needed an editor; she needed the income. They scrupulously maintained a professional relationship, until they could no longer avoid the obvious. A Will of Her Own is a loving, painful and joyful journey on a road of faith and love. Ultimately, thoughtful and committed wills prevailed.
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ISBN: 9781605712963
ISBN-10: 1605712965
Publisher: Shirespress
Publication Date: January 29th, 2016
Pages: 276
Language: English