Ghosts Of America 13 - He Never Left (Paperback)

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These are true ghost stories told by people from all over America and include: - ''...I was in the middle of a conversation and not really paying attention to the man as he crossed until I looked and saw his legs and shoes (I was so close. I could see the tread on his shoes.) They appeared translucent...''- ''...the window fell over, and the dogs went crazy. The energy in the room completely changed, and we felt uneasy ...''- ''...A few days later I saw a small bright flash of light in the kitchen. I saw that same light a few days later, but this time ...''- ''... whenever we came home at night we would see a silhouette of a tall man in the kitchen window. We now just refer to him as ''the Butler.''- ''... I was healing down on both knees, and it said very clearly to me ''Monique, I am right here.'' I felt ...''- ''... I was walking up the stairs, (my room was on the third floor) and I heard walking behind me. I turned thinking it was my mother, ...''- ''... I didn't want to startle him into cardiac arrest, so I cleared my throat loudly and said something lame and cheery like...''- ''... Besides the negative things happening on our street or the two deaths I witnessed, I've got to admit that the scariest part was...'' The stories in this book is a small selection of all the stories on our site
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