Are you as aware as your animals?: Learn to speak the language of your pets (Paperback)

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In this short read you can learn how to deal with troubles in your animal as well as in yourself How does learning how to speak to your animals contribute to your life? What does your animal have to share with you? How could learning to talk with your animals make you a better person? These are some of the questions Jamie Verrillo answers in this book. Have you ever asked your animals questions? For Jamie, when he asks questions, then comes awareness. That's where the magic of the work that he does comes through. Jamie wants to share this magic and transformational experience with you About 5 years ago after being introduced to some very cool energy work along with some pragmatic tools and processes called Access Consciousness. Jamie has been doing and teaching and using this work to be able to see more and be more of who he truly be and continue to create greater possibilities in his own life and the lives of the people and animals that he works with. This work has allowed him to tap into more of my capacity and now he is going to share with you how to tap into your capacity and more chosing in your life. Learn to be connected to your mind and your body as you deal with real life issues like depression and addiction. Get in touch with you by being in touch with your animals. This will also give you great insight into the issues that arise when training your horse or other animal.

About the Author

Jamie Verrillo spent twenty years in the horse racing industry Harness & Thorobred. He owned, trained, bred and raced horses for a living. He spent the next twenty years seeking, searching and delving into healing arts trying to find out what was wrong with him. He soon realized that there was nothing wrong with him. He was just asking the wrong question. When he started to ask, "What's right about me that I'm not getting?" his whole world started to change. He started to function from the space where animals function from, which is a conscious state awareness where there is no judgment, only an invitation for a greater possibility to occur. It's when he started to acknowledge himself and the awareness he had misapplied and misidentified as some sort of wrongness. The capacity he has to be with animals just started to expand and working with people became very empowering for him. For the last five years, he has been using the tools of Access Consciousness to Facilitate for people and animals. He run Bars for people which starts to take away any thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations, judgements and anything we have made meaningful in any life time that has limited us. This process starts to create more ease in the body so change can occur. He also teaches Bars classes. He uses body processes, and the clearing statement on the animals, it's a simple way of speaking to the energy, which is their language. 518-421-9181
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