Palmistry: How To Read Palms For Beginners (Paperback)

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At Last...What Every Beginner Should Know About Palmistry In One Easy To Read Book If you are looking to learn about the amazing and mysterious subject of Palmistry then this could be the most important message you have read all day. Here is why: This book "Palmistry: How To Read Palms For Beginners" written by Linda Serpico was recently commissioned with the challenge of succeeding where other books have, so far, failed. You see, there is simply no book out there that brings together the subject of Palmistry so clearly, so powerfully and in such an easy and entertaining manner. This is a relatively short guide, designed in mind for the earnest seeker looking for perhaps the first time into the mysterious world of Palmistry. The idea of course is simple: We Hold Secrets To Our Life In The Palm Of Our Hand This may sound too good to be true. Or perhaps it sounds like a scam. Read further into this subject in this captivating and thorough book and perhaps you will change your mind. You will start to understand the world of Palmistry and why many people from cultures around the world all through out time have looked to the palm for the secrets to life. With the guide in this book you will be able to read your own Palm and find out for yourself the truth of Palmistry. And maybe, you will unlock important secrets that will tell you a lot about yourself and illuminate for you the life you have ahead of you. Get this book today. Make sure it is the very next thing you do. Why wait while the secrets of your life could start to open up to you. At this reasonable price if you even only get one great idea from this book (and you will likely get many, many more) you will have made a sound investment. Here Is A Preview Of EXACTLY What You'll Learn...
  • Learn about the basic hand shapes, how they relate to the four elements, and what they reveal about an individual's personality
  • Can Palmistry really be used to get ahead in life? Find out how Palmistry can help you read a person's character helping you in your social and business life
  • Find out the major lines of the palms and how to interpret them
  • ...and also discover the mounts of the palms and how to interpret them
  • How to know people by their skin amazing insight you will never before have heard of
  • The 6 Basic Hand Shapes: How to interpret hand types to quickly predict if you will get along with a person or not
  • Find out the indicators in your life line that show you will have a high energy adventurous life...a more introspective quieter life ..and whether you have met a mentor or soulmate
  • Your Life Line: Does it really tell you if you will live a long or short life? Not exactly...find out more in this book
  • The Heart Line: Learn the secrets to predicting and understanding your love life
  • Are you prone to be alone, be codependent, fall in love easily or be promiscuous...find out the signals in your Heart Line
  • The Head Line: Find out how this line indicates your level of intellect, wisdom and mental development
  • Are you consistent and down to earth?...Do yo possess a good memory?...Do you struggle to focus?...all this and more may be revealed in your Head Line
  • Discover The Mounts: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Moon and Mars...a whole chapter devoted to the influence of the planets to the shape of your hand and what this reveals about you
  • The Feeling Of The Skin: Did you know that it is not only about reading lines but also about reading the feeling of the skin? Learn about Silky, Papery, Grainy and Coarse skin textures and what this can reveal about a person.
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