The Transsexual From Tobago.(Revised) (Paperback)

The Transsexual From Tobago.(Revised) By Richie Giordano, Dominique Jackson Cover Image
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This book is an attempt to bring visibilty to a community constantly abused by it's peers. It is the experience from one but of many. It addresses the need for understanding not just tolerance. it is a plea for not only EQUALITY but for COMPASSION. ALL LABELS, TITLES, GENDERS, COLORS, NATIONALITIES, COMMUNITIES ASIDE, ALL I SEE IS HUMAN.

About the Author

A West Indian born entertainer/model/host, hailing from the beautiful republic of Trinidad and Tobago, born on the smaller island of Tobago. She moved to the USA at the age of fifteen to escape a traumatic situation. She graduated Owings Mills High School in Owings Mills, Md. and attended Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, N.C. and then Morgan State University, Baltimore, Md. In New York City she became a part of the underground ballroom scene where she sharpened and honed her ability to walk the catwalk. Feeling accomplished in the ballroom scene she went on to become one of New York City's legendary entertainers hosting club nights, pride festivals, non-profit organizational events and fundraisers that were to assist in the betterment of her community. She performed at many of the popular New York City night clubs and bars at times performing as Whitney Houston or performing high energy songs called soca and calypso, the music native to her island republic. She participated in pageants winning a total of six titles including being crowned Miss Escuelita Continental, a title she would never have to relinquish. She entered the prestigious Miss Continental pageant twice in 2002 and 2005 winning best interview in 2002. She was awarded the Jon Michael Harrington Humanitarian Award in 2003 and The Pepper Labeija Image Award in 2007, both awards given by the House of Latex Project through G.M.H.C at the House of Latex Balls. Our Youth 2007 community Activist of the year. The Leadership in Arts and Entertainment Award presented by People of Color In Crisis and, many others through the years. She participated in The Dl Stats project in 2005 taking testing into the underground ballroom scene at the then known uptown mini ball club scene and into nightclub events giving incentives for testing, so as to reach and aid a population highly at risk for HIV/AIDS infection. She worked as the Trans/Youth Coordinator at the then known Bronx Consortium where she and a team of dedicated individuals restarted the Bronx Pride festival in 2006. She got involved with different agencies assisting them in reaching the lgbtq community with main concentration on youth, infected youth and all trans- identified folk with empowerment, alternate choices for employment, medical and mental health. She is currently one of the muses for Adrian Alicea Couture putting all the wisdom she acquired on the runway of the underground ballroom scene to worthy use.
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