Whoop's Apostrophe...!: #2 (Hardcover)

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Hi again, Hope that you've enjoyed my "WHOOP'S APOSTROPHE... " #1, because here's #2...another 100 crazy photographs of mad apostrophe (and spelling) errors from around the globe, fae Bonnie Scotland all the way 'Doon Under' to Australia Funny they are...horrid also, as the poor English teacher in me captures the error...but with a fair-sized (and apostrophe-shaped) lump in my throat Enjoy THE HUMOUR IS IN THE HORROR MLP June 2013 P.S. Read Matt Engels' "I demand an end to the apostrophe" piece in 'The Guardian' 6/6/2000 - enjoy, laugh; smile at the "Greengrocers' Apostrophe" bit...but disagree Please  (Read any of MLP's own 'Sci-fi' fiction in his ongoing "Boyle-Breath" Series yet? Number 3, "BOYLE-BREATH BEGINS BACK at the END" is out very soon ("Boyle-Breath" and "Boyle-Breath Breathes" its sequel, lie smelling in wait for you now at authorhouse.com). mlp.com for more info.
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ISBN: 9781491800324
ISBN-10: 1491800321
Publisher: Authorhouse UK
Publication Date: July 17th, 2013
Pages: 130
Language: English