Distant Lands: Tales of a Solo Traveler (Paperback)

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Distant Lands: Tales of a Solo Traveler details the adventures of a man seventy years and beyond who continues to travel the world, building friendships and experiencing the daily lives of local people. There are weddings to attend, funerals to grieve with families, treks and travel, culture and religion and a host of challenges to face along the way. Despite riots and coups, he continues to challenge the notion of fear in travel, drawn by the need to understand people of other cultures, faiths, and circumstances. He adds two more trips around the world to the two made before age seventy, and multiple trips to Nepal, India, Egypt and Turkey to visit friends and family. Though he explores sights along the way, his primary interest is living daily among the people he meets, sharing meals, lodging in their homes, friendship and together experiencing the challenges of daily life among them. There are days, mundane and routine, as well as challenge and adventure. Interested in culture and religion, he participates in rituals, ceremonies and festivals among Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others. Keith Wilkinson is a retired religious educator, widowed, billing himself as a wanderer in his later years. He feels that age is no excuse to stop living. The scope of this book covers seven years of world travel, from ages 70 to 77. Wilkinson invites the reader to join him in the daily aspects of solo travel, whether all or in part as interest may dictate.
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ISBN: 9781478789703
ISBN-10: 1478789700
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: August 9th, 2017
Pages: 408
Language: English