Life Snacks 50 Tasty Motivational Messages Soothing, Satisfying, Simple: Inspiring People of All Ages! Short, Sweet and Easy to Digest! (Paperback)

Life Snacks 50 Tasty Motivational Messages Soothing, Satisfying, Simple: Inspiring People of All Ages! Short, Sweet and Easy to Digest! Cover Image
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Your mind like your stomach needs to be fed to help you be your best Life Snacks, soothing, satisfying and simple is food for the mind. Each 50 inspirational motivational bite and message is filled with delicious morsels that ignite the spirit, are motivating and uplifting. Intentionally short, to inspire quick Ah-ha moments and easy to digest, Life Snacks - is a tasty treat for adults and children of all ages. The words and messages in this groundbreaking book offer insight and inspiration for life, and are delicious snacks for the mind, body and soul. Each message captivates the reader and resonates. In this inspiring and practical book Sharon Burstein turns to principles she studied, taught, and lived for more than twenty-five years. Life Snacks gets people moving transforms and inspires them to achieve more in life and build success. One "bite" is never enough Life Snacks delivers the ultimate menu of messages to live's meaningful and full life. They inspire and transform. Each morsel can be used as a great topic and discussion point in the classroom, business or for personal enjoyment and growth. While Life Snacks can easily be read in one sitting, to get the most meaning out of each of the 50 life tidbits, it is be best to portion them out, to slowly digest. Timeless and ageless, Life Snacks is a book that will be savored, read repeatedly and long remembered. In these day's of high technology and social media, many people do not and will not read long form content How do you reach these people? Life Snacks, because it is soothing, satisfying and simple, but is rich in content and meaning. The collection of inspirational messages found in Life Snack's are powerful, meaningful and memorable. The reader is charged, renewed and refreshed with each turn of the page. It's not how many words are in a message; it is what the message says, how it inspires, the lasting impression and or call that results in action. Life Snack's timeless thought prov.

About the Author

Sharon A. Burstein Sharon is a highly successful and respected leader. An owner of several businesses, sought out public speaker, author, parent, and educator, she has made a meaningful difference in thousands of peoples lives. She has worked globally with diverse industries, colleges, schools and businesses for more than 25 years from classroom to boardroom. Sharon has been recognized and received numerous awards for her career achievements and leadership. She is inspirational and motivational in all of life's pursuits. Sharon is a sought out speaker on Leadership Image spanning diverse leadership topics has authored numerous articles spanning diverse subjects, written books, published and authored cookbooks.
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ISBN: 9781478756088
ISBN-10: 147875608X
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: May 9th, 2015
Pages: 86
Language: English