The House of War: The Struggle between Christendom and the Caliphate (Hardcover)

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A powerful new history detailing the most significant military clashes between Islam and Christendom over the 1300 years of the Muslim caliphate.

From the taking of Jerusalem in the 7th century AD 638 by Caliph Umar, to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire following the end of World War I, Christian popes, emperors and kings, and Muslim caliphs and sultans were locked in a 1300-year battle for political, military, ideological, economic and religious supremacy.

Simon Mayall focuses on some of the most significant clashes of arms in human history: the taking and re-taking of Jerusalem; the fall of Constantinople; the sieges of Rhodes and Malta; the battle of Mohacs; the last assault on Vienna, and the 'high-water mark' of Ottoman advance into Europe; and the battle of Megiddo, and, finally, the re-taking of Jerusalem, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the dissolution of the Sultanate and the Caliphate, and the formation of modern Europe, and the modern Middle East.

The House of War offers a wide, sweeping historical narrative, encompassing the broad historical and religious context of this period, while focussing on some of the key, pivotal sieges and battles, and on the protagonists, political and military, who determined their conclusions and their consequences.

About the Author

Simon Mayall is a former soldier in the British Army, and an acknowledged expert on the history of the Middle East, and of the Crusades. Much of his 40-year professional career was focussed on the Middle East, and he has strong family and academic interests in the region. His last appointments were as the British Government's Defence Senior Adviser for the Middle East, and the Prime Minister's Security Envoy to Iraq and the Kurdish Region. He is currently Chair of the Council of the National Army Museum.
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ISBN: 9781472864338
ISBN-10: 1472864336
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publication Date: September 10th, 2024
Pages: 352
Language: English