The Gospel of Inclusion: Reaching Beyond Religious Fundamentalism to the True Love of God and Self (Paperback)

The Gospel of Inclusion: Reaching Beyond Religious Fundamentalism to the True Love of God and Self By Carlton Pearson Cover Image
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Fourth-generation fundamentalist Carlton Pearson, a Christian megastar and host, takes a courageous and controversial stand on religion that proposes a hell-less Christianity and a gospel of inclusion that calls for an end to local and worldwide conflicts and divisions along religious lines.

In The Gospel of Inclusion, Bishop Carlton Pearson explores the exclusionary doctrines in mainstream religion and concludes that, according to the evidence of the Bible and irrefutable logic, they cannot be true. Bishop Pearson argues that the controlling dogmas of religion are the source of much of the world's ills and that we should turn our backs on proselytizing and holy wars and focus on the real good news: that we are all bound for glory, everybody is saved, and if we believe God loves all mankind, then we have no choice but to have the same attitude ourselves.

Bishop Pearson tells the story of how he had gone from a powerful religious figure, once preaching to an audience of over 6,000 people, to watching everything he had built crumble around him due to a scandal. Why? He didn't steal money nor did he have inappropriate sexual relationships. Following a revelation from God, he began to preach that a loving God would not condemn most of the human race to hell because they are not Christian. He preaches that God belongs to no religion. The Gospel of Inclusion is the inspiring journey of one man's quest to preach a new truth.

About the Author

Bishop Carlton Pearson (1953–2023) was an independent spiritual leader and successful Gospel recording artist. He was once an heir-apparent to Oral Roberts and a bishop in the Pentecostal Church, presiding over six hundred churches.

Praise For…

"Carlton Pearson's book, The Gospel of Inclusion, presents a powerful new voice that is emerging in Pentecostal circles. The God Bishop Pearson is serving is a God of love, not judgment; a God of universalism, not sectarianism; a God of expansion, not control. It is intriguing, provocative, and hopeful, a surprising twist in our ancient faith story." -- John Shelby Spong, author of Why Christianity Must Change or Die and The Sins of Scripture

"I love the spirit of Bishop Carlton Pearson's book, The Gospel of Inclusion. It arrives to a generation whose fear of deception is often greater than its faith. Bishop Pearson has nailed a thesis to our church door and demanded reformation. He comes with the spirit of Elijah and the courage of John the Baptist and Paul the Apostle." -- Dr. Mark Hanby, Mark Hanby Ministries

"If you are ready to meet God, read my friend Bishop Carlton's wise, insightful, and instantly life-changing book. You will be stimulated to share these ideas with all you love. I did, and I am glad I did." -- Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"A refreshing look at a religion that is at the center of the current international conflict. I salute Bishop Pearson for having taken a bold step in the right direction. A book for all sane people to read and digest. Gripping and outstanding!" -- Arun Gandhi, president, K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
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