The Social Intelligence of Linda Coady (Conquering Tomorrow Today: Six Exemplar Lives #1) (Paperback)

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During these last years of social unrest regarding climate change, police arrests, and issues of economic justice, a few leaders have emerged with exceptional social skills.
Linda Coady is featured in this book as having exceptional social intelligence. Once the planning head of the Vancouver Olympics, she added a social awareness in what was once a realm of elite athletes, and brought more workers, suppliers, and companies into the mix of access and enjoyment. This case examines how she learned early in life how to navigate both the realm of science (her father was a renown doctor) and the realm of social and personal belief (she was trained at the Sisters of Mercy). She became a senior executive at one of the world's largest pipeline and energy infrastructure giants in Calgary, bringing them into greater social awareness. This case study brings you into her genius, her techniques of deep listening. The author Bruce Piasecki, writers of such best sellers as, helps the reader understanding what deep listening means, why it matters more than ever.

About the Author

Bruce Piasecki's homage to Ben Franklin and competitive frugality, Doing More with Less: The New Way to Wealth, reached a best seller status at the New York Times, the USA Today, and the Wall Street Story. It reached across six major reading categories from biography, contemporary society, leadership, sociology and investments and capital markets. Returning to the life of LInda Coady with these skills in mind, this new book "The Social Intelligence of Linda Coady" helps you understand why we need more people like LInda Coady in our organizations. You can only solve the problems of tomorrow today by anticipating social trends, and bringing home to your organization the kinds of social intelligence evident in this lasting case study
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ISBN: 9781098339371
ISBN-10: 1098339371
Publisher: Creative Force Fund
Publication Date: January 12th, 2021
Pages: 60
Language: English
Series: Conquering Tomorrow Today: Six Exemplar Lives