Probiotic Foods vs Commercial Probiotics (Paperback)

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We live in a world where everyone is sick. Our intestinal flora has taken a beating and our health symptoms show the suffering. Rebuilding that flora is done by supporting the microbiome in a manner specific to what each person needs. Using commercial probiotics and food-based probiotics is becoming commonplace, knowing which one to use when and how to use each, is a different story. Finding the answers can be like finding a penny in a pond, it's there but if you don't know where to look, you could be wasting a lot of time and money.The market is getting flooded with commercial probiotics. Some are amazingly healthy, but others are filled with ingredients which feed the pathogens, something we want to avoid. Learn the tricks manufacturers are using to make sales instead of healthy customers. It makes no sense to spend nearly a hundred dollars on a product that is supposed to feed the good gut flora when it contains filler ingredients which act as antibiotics. Taking a probiotic at the same time you take an antibiotic is a waste of money. Learn what to look for and how to know what ingredients to avoid. The money you save will be remarkable.In this well cited book Probiotic Foods vs Commercial Probiotics learn which probiotics are the strongest, what order they should be taken in and how to properly dose each one. Learn how to become your own best health advocate knowing which fits your situation at each given time, commercial brand probiotics or food-based probiotics. Learn what to do in each situation you encounter including MRSA, eczema, STAPH, C.diff., the common cold or the yearly flu. Your health deserves it Health is not about spinning your wheels, wasting time waiting around and missing school or work. It's about listening to your body and supporting it correctly, because when you support your body correctly, it can repair itself. Take charge of your health and learn what to do to support your system. There is no excuse, feeling bad isn't something that just happens, it's something we just need to know how to handle.
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