The Big Data Opportunity in our Driverless Future (Paperback)

The Big Data Opportunity in our Driverless Future By Evangelos Simoudis Cover Image
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From Detroit to Germany, Japan, and Korea, within the incumbent automotive industry there is amplifying conversation about the magnitude, extent and timing of the disruption that will result from the introduction of autonomous and driverless vehicles. This disruption will in turn result from innovations in technology and business models and changing attitudes toward car ownership. Catalyzed by the development of Autonomous, Connected and Electrified (ACE) vehicles and Mobility Services, the emerging hybrid mobility model will blend car ownership with on-demand car access. Big data generated inside and outside ACE vehicles and the exploitation of that data by machine intelligence technologies are key ingredients in this next generation of mobility. Together they offer a unique and still overlooked value creation opportunity. The book presents a strategy for capitalizing on the opportunities presented in our driverless future through the combination of startup innovations with corporate innovation efforts.

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ISBN: 9780998067711
ISBN-10: 0998067717
Publisher: Corporate Innovators, LLC
Publication Date: February 9th, 2017
Pages: 156
Language: English