Covid-19: A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear, Hysteria and "Official Truth" Lies (Paperback)

Covid-19: A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear, Hysteria and
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Natural scientist James DeMeo reviewed the CDC, WHO and medical arguments and data about the claimed USA Covid-19 pandemic, finding numerous serious problems in basic scientific methods and claimed causality. These include errors in basic assumptions, confusions of correlation with causality, subjective impressions being misrepresented as "objective evidence", incoherent, sloppy or misuse of data, and evasive concealment of critically important contrary facts, all spiced up with hysterical alarmism. Specifically:

* Excess Mortality due to claimed Covid-19 disease, without preexisting deadly comorbidities, is only around 5000 to 18,000 deaths for all of 2020.

* Claimed Covid-19 deaths are 81% confined to elderly people over 65 nearing end-of-life, each of whom has an average of 4 pre-existing deadly comorbidities.

* Many of the elderly with those comorbidities were transferred out of hospitals into nursing homes, where other elderly with weak immune systems succumbed to similar comorbidities, worsened by inhuman lockdown-masking-isolation policies.

* The PCR and antigen testing methods are wildly inaccurate, not specific to any corona virus, and cross-react with multiple other DNA/RNA fragments from prior exposures.

* "PCR Confirmed Cases" do not predict who will succumb to Covid-19 sickness or death. Most "positive" people are asymptomatic, non-infectious and never get sick.

* Symptoms of Covid-19 are nearly indistinguishable from seasonal influenza or pneumonia, and they all have a seasonally variable incidence, with far more cases and deaths in wintertime than in summer. This alone undermines the viral pandemic theory.

* Lockdowns, forced masking and anti-social distancing have protected nobody, and have instead increased human misery, despair, illness and deaths. The economic ruin and chronic emotional anxiety associated with such inhuman, prison-like isolation of the elderly have killed most of the people claimed as due to "Covid-19".

* Hospitals and doctors were paid extra sums by government health agencies to lie and reclassify many comorbidities and deaths as "Covid-19", to jack up the numbers. People died of their deadly multiple pre-existing diseases and conditions, not Covid-19.

* Ending of lockdowns, forced masking and isolation have not led to an increase in cases or deaths, just the opposite. The "New Normal" is iatrogenic murder.

* Many ignorant or compromised physicians, mainstream media stars and internet billionaires have colluded with the worst of power-drunk government bureaucrats and pharmaceutical profiteers, to censor and criminalize scientific dissent. They systematically ignore the deadly consequences of totalitarian lockdowns, and scare the public into obedience to a growing Medical Police State. The unnecessary experimental mRNA vaccines have already killed more people than all prior vaccination programs combined They also push for Nazi-like "vaccine passports" and other inhuman segregationist policies.

* All the above points are well-documented in this book.

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