The Puzzle Quests: Saving Atlantis (Paperback)

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Rose can’t imagine swimming in the state championships without her teammate Luke. It’s been two months since she had to say goodbye to him in the land of Dragonia, and Rose fears she has lost her connection to him. Before she loses all hope, Rose and her growing band of knights are summoned to Dragonia to fulfill a quest. They must work together to save the mermaid, Natalia, before her home in Atlantis is destroyed.

This perilous adventure tests Rose’s courage and fighting skills as she is lulled by mystical sirens and attacked by unknown enemies. When Rose becomes impatient and attempts to save this fragile world on her own, her team is thrown into danger. The safety of Atlantis and her friendships are compromised. Will Rose see the value of working as a team before she is trapped in Dragonia forever?

Saving Atlantis is the second book in The Puzzle Quests’ series of adventures that span across time and generations. No matter where you are, there is hope.

About the Author

Janine De Tillio Cammarata has always loved tales of dragons, fantasy, and time travel. When her children were younger, she often made up her own stories as she rocked them to sleep. Now she teaches children and adults to write their own adventures. When she isn’t writing or teaching, she is walking her dogs, riding her motorcycle, and helping children battle cancer through her foundation, Nick’s Fight to be Healed. A portion of her book sales is donated to this cause. She and her family live in Clifton Park, NY. For more information on this foundation, visit To read more about the author, visit her website at

Praise For…

Saving Atlantis grabs the reader from the first page as the story magically transports the characters to secret worlds where they can showcase their unique abilities, for a single-minded purpose…. They gain entrance to their journeys through a simple puzzle, but their complicated and often humorous quests to save their brother and friend show grit, heroism and love well beyond their years. An adventure story with elements of fantasy and realism tweens and parents will enjoy. --Melinda Taormina, Head Youth Services, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library

Are you looking for a way for your 3rd-5th graders to catch the reading bug? Well, Saving Atlantis is THAT book! This second story in The Puzzle Quests series features Rose- more of her thoughts, feelings, and viewpoint which allows you, the reader, to dive deep into her soul. An excellent resource for teaching characterization, among many other reading skills and strategies! Join Luke, Peter, Rose, Mark (and some new friends!) for this enchanting underwater adventure! --Marcy Philo, 4th Grade Teacher

Saving Atlantis is a great sequel to Shimmers Eggs. I love the detail which makes the book vivid and alive. Another part I love about Saving Atlantis is the characters. You grow to understand and feel what each character is going through. Conge Losee, 12
Product Details
ISBN: 9780977691241
Publisher: Highland Mountain Publishing
Publication Date: September 21st, 2018
Pages: 222