Out of My Mind: A Psychologist's Descent Into Madness and Back (Regina Collection #15) (Hardcover)

Out of My Mind: A Psychologist's Descent Into Madness and Back (Regina Collection #15) By Shalom Camenietzki Cover Image
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A harrowing tale of a doctor's own battle with his bipolar disorder

On paper, psychologist Dr. Shalom Camenietzski seemed to have it all--a beautiful family, a thriving practice, and supportive friends and colleagues. But in reality, he lived a life of turmoil--obsessive daydreams of taking his life, flamboyant periods of mania, disturbing acts of violence against his wife and son, and various episodes of psychosis, one of which would see him speeding his car the wrong way up Toronto's Gardiner Expressway. Able to understand the clinical profile of his bipolar disorder, he was nonetheless powerless to stop it.

A fascinating account of a "mentally disordered healer," Out of My Mind reveals the strengths and fallibilities of traditional psychotherapies and shows how Dr. Camenietzki finally obtained a symptom-free life.

About the Author

Shalom Camenietzki is a registered psychologist and psychotherapist with forty years of clinical experience. In addition to his professional background, he has published numerous fictional works, including The Atheist's Bible. He lives in Toronto.
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ISBN: 9780889776890
ISBN-10: 088977689X
Publisher: University of Regina Press
Publication Date: January 25th, 2020
Pages: 272
Language: English
Series: Regina Collection