Lost in Moscow: A Brat in the USSR (Paperback)

Lost in Moscow: A Brat in the USSR By Kirsten Koza Cover Image
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When most parents consider sending their child to summer camp, they imagine a sunny lake a few hours out of the city. In 1977, the parents of 11-year-old Kirsten Koza sent their pigtailed, sass-talking offspring on a summer trip to the Soviet Union--with only fifty dollars in her pocket. Lost in Moscow tells the story of Kirsten's summer camp hijinks: evading the Soviet Red Army in a foot race through and around Red Square, receiving extended radiation treatments for a minor case of tonsillitis, and making a gut-churning, unauthorized parachute jump--without being totally certain whether her parachute would open or even stay on.
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ISBN: 9780888012821
ISBN-10: 0888012829
Publisher: Turnstone Press
Publication Date: November 30th, 2003
Pages: 300
Language: English