Knights at Tournament (Elite) (Paperback)

Knights at Tournament (Elite) By Christopher Gravett, Angus McBride (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Like all warrior classes throughout history medieval knights engaged in military games, partly in preparation for war and partly for pure sport. From their often brutal origins in the 10th century to the gaudy pageantry and eventual decline of the 15th and 16th centuries, tournaments were the centre of the knightly life. The image of the armoured and surcoated knight on his caparisoned charger remains the epitome of the chivalric ideal. Christopher Gravett explores the history of the tournament from its chaotic beginnings to its more formal, 'civilised' incarnation, describing the various 'events' and equipment which came into use.

About the Author

Christopher Gravett is Senior Curator at the Royal Armouries and a recognised authority on the arms, armour and warfare of the medieval world. He has worked as an advisor for numerous TV and Film productions. His previous Osprey titles include Warrior 1: Norman Knight 950-1204 AD and Campaign 13: Hastings 1066.
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ISBN: 9780850458367
ISBN-10: 0850458366
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publication Date: March 26th, 1992
Pages: 64
Language: English
Series: Elite