Wellness for Makers: A Movement Guide for Artists (Hardcover)

Wellness for Makers: A Movement Guide for Artists By Missy Graff Ballone Cover Image
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An important resource for all makers and artists, this helpful guide supports artists and crafters with ways to maintain their most valuable tool: their body. This one-of-kind guide teaches you how to alleviate pain and strain while working in the studio through active and passive stretching, strengthening, and massage techniques.
  • The author is the founder of Wellness for Makers(R), a company focused on this topic This is the only wellness book geared specifically to craftspeople. The author's podcast,
Wellness of Makers, is on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Strong gift potential for anyone who knows and cares about a crafter and wants to keep them healthy.

Whether you're making jewelry, ceramics, weavings, needlework, murals, or sculptures, the information, tips, and 40+ exercises with detailed photos--all steps are clearly demonstrated by the author herself--will create more-healthful movement patterns that build strength and longevity, reduce the risk of injury, relieve pain and strain, and improve posture and overall well-being.

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ISBN: 9780764363214
ISBN-10: 0764363212
Publisher: Schiffer Craft
Publication Date: August 16th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English