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A new edition of the famous series of articles by Nikola Tesla that appeared in The Electrical Experimenter magazine in 1919. Gathered together, they are unique in providing a glimpse into Tesla's mind and his private thoughts. It tells about the man, his motivations and the values that he held.

The articles have been fully edited, and reformatted, and new illustrations have been added throughout.


"Awesome book. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the life and works of Nikola Tesla. Not only is it an invitation to one of the greatest minds of the last century but a chance to get to know Tesla as a person, as the book is filled with anecdotes of his early life."

"This book was nothing short of inspirational. I am in no way an electrical expert but this book makes me want to start a career in electrical engineering. After reading this informative autobiography of one of the world greatest inventors, I started researching ways to learn basic electrical components and how they work hands-on"

"If you know who Tesla was and his contribution to the civilized world of electronics then I do not need to say any more. This is not a technical book but an overview of his life and background material for his basic contributions."

"Genius, genius, genius....the greatest electrical engineer who ever lived. Cannot get enough of his work. This book is a must read for anyone in the electrical engineering profession. He is responsible for so much of what we take for granted today including our whole system for generation and distribution of AC electricity. Thank you Tesla, and thank you to the publishers for perpetuating his legacy."

  1. My Early Life
  2. My First Efforts at Invention
  3. My Later Endeavors
  4. The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer
  5. The Magnifying Transmitter
  6. The Art of Telautomatics

The first chapter of another title by Nikola Tesla, The Problem of Increasing Human Energy, also published by A Distant Mirror, is included.

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Publisher: Distant Mirror
Publication Date: May 17th, 2020
Pages: 134
Language: English