The COVID-19 Pandemic of Fear (Paperback)

The COVID-19 Pandemic of Fear By Margaret Stevenson Cover Image
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Includes strategies to improve natural immunity and build inner strength

Ever since the SARS-CoV-2 virus appeared in November 2019, the world has been imprisoned in political and medical tyranny. Our constitutional rights were confiscated, unlawful lockdowns were imposed and lives and livelihoods were lost. Logic and reason were trashed and replaced with mandates and madness.

Politicians, public health officers and hospital administrators became 'medical experts' while physicians trained to treat patients were gagged and told to follow orders, or lose their jobs. Dissent was labelled as misinformation, conspiracy theory and dangerous lies.

COVID-19 is no ordinary pandemic where millions of people drop dead in the street from infection. Instead, a mythical bogyman was released to spread a false narrative and terrorise people with fear. The plan is to usher in a new-world 'utopian' normal.

In this updated edition, Margaret Stevenson explains how people have been threatened and coerced to follow a political line. How the global elite are leading us to a dystopian future where humanity will be enslaved and controlled in a matrix of fear. Margaret shows how, with determination and a few strategies, we can break free from this mental prison and design our own future-one of peace, hope, freedom and abundance.

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ISBN: 9780645668209
ISBN-10: 0645668206
Publisher: Margaret Stevenson
Publication Date: December 8th, 2022
Pages: 296
Language: English