Gilded Dreams: The Journey to Suffrage (Paperback)

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From the bestselling author of GILDED SUMMERS comes a powerful novel of the last eight years of the American Woman's fight for suffrage.The battle for the vote is one fire in America. The influential and wealthy women of Newport, Rhode Island, are not only some of the most active suffragettes, their wealth--especially that of the indomitable Alva Vanderbilt Belmont--nearly single-handedly funded the major suffrage parties. Yet history has ignored them, tossed them aside as mere socialites. In GILDED DREAMS, they reclaim their rightful place in history.

Pearl and Ginevra (GILDED SUMMERS) are two of its most ardent warriors. College graduates, professional women, wives, and mothers, these progressive women have fought their way through some of life's harshest challenges, yet they survived, yet they thrive. Now they set their sights on the vote, the epitome of all they have struggled for, the embodiment of their dreams.

From the sinking of the Titanic, through World War 1, Pearl and Ginevra are once more put to the test as they fight against politics, outdated beliefs, and the most cutting opponent of all... other women. Yet they will not rest until their voices are heard, until they - and all the women of America - are allowed to cast their vote. But to gain it, they must overcome yet more obstacles, some that put their very lives in danger.

An emotional and empowering journey, GILDED DREAMS is a historical, action-packed love letter to the women who fought so hard for all women who stand on the shoulders of their triumph.

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ISBN: 9780578699790
ISBN-10: 0578699796
Publisher: Donna Russo Morin
Publication Date: June 16th, 2020
Pages: 328
Language: English