100 Things to Know as an Independent Music Artist (Paperback)

100 Things to Know as an Independent Music Artist By Ashley Támar Davis Cover Image
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As an artist or musician, there is always room to grow as a performer or a brand or a curator of ideas. As the Entertainment industry continues to evolve due to the growth of technology and streaming service, the direct-to-fan market is the most competitive and yet the most over-saturated market. Learn, first-hand, from independent artist and Grammy-Nominated performer Ashley T mar what it's like to remain humble in a brutal business. Ms. T mar consistently works and raises an educational bar as to the true sustainability in entertainment. Ms. Davis gives us personal, valuable and practical lessons from the heart of a performer who has seen fellow peers be fired and hired from opportunities due to the lack of knowledge in how to handle one's business.

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ISBN: 9780578503912
ISBN-10: 0578503913
Publisher: Syren Music Group, LLC
Publication Date: June 7th, 2019
Pages: 104
Language: English