He Carried Me: One cowgirl's collection of poems, prayers and ponies (Paperback)

He Carried Me: One cowgirl's collection of poems, prayers and ponies By Kathleen Rossi Cover Image
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He Carried Me: One cowgirl's collection of poetry, prayers and ponies.
An encouraging testimonial to how being blindsided by adversity can unlock the faith we need to see a bigger picture.

Through the voice of poetry, the author thoughtfully shares how the company of horses lifts her spirits. Amidst rough times of being shackled to disease and dysfunction, her raw prayers candidly lend light to what liberty can look like. Truly listening, finally hearing, she discovers that the frequency of freedom vibrates with a heavenly perspective, and admits that this outlook has the power to change everything.
Her voice beckons us to take hold of a thread from the glorious unknown, and dares us to watch it unravel an entire constellation of hope, truth, and redemption. The book prompts us to consider: How will we respond once we uncover the treasures that were present the whole time?

There are 37 poems based in themes of life principles learned from overcoming impossible adversity. The book He Carried Me, also has a separate He Carried Me: Companion Guide - which is a downloadable journal with 10 part video series which will mentor the reader in each life principle theme. The Companion Guide can be purchased, accessed and downloaded on hecarriedme.com .

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ISBN: 9780578374949
ISBN-10: 0578374943
Publisher: Petite Picnic Publishing LLC
Publication Date: June 4th, 2022
Pages: 116
Language: English