Electrolyte Solutions: Second Revised Edition (Dover Books on Chemistry) (Paperback)

Electrolyte Solutions: Second Revised Edition (Dover Books on Chemistry) By R. a. Robinson, R. H. Stokes, Chemistry Cover Image
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This classic text, originally published in the 1950s, remains a standard reference in the literature of physical chemistry. Its focus on the fundamental properties of electrolyte solutions ensures its enduring relevance, and its substantial body of fact and theory continues to offer vital information for the interpretation of data. The authors present their material in a pattern of alternate chapters on experiment and theory, featuring strictly experimental techniques of which they had firsthand experience. Their treatment deals primarily with the measurement and interpretation of conductance, chemical potential, and diffusion in solutions of simple electrolytes. Theoretical interpretations are developed in detail, and extensive tables of thermodynamic and transport properties are offered.
Chapter topics include properties of ionizing solvents, the limiting mobilities of ions, the measurement of chemical potentials, the measurement of diffusion coefficients, weak electrolytes, the strong acids, ion association, the thermodynamics of mixed electrolytes, and more. In addition to the text itself, more than 90 pages of tabulated properties in the appendices make this an indispensable reference for serious researchers in the field.

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ISBN: 9780486422251
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Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: July 24th, 2002
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