Ultrasound of the Diaphragm and the Respiratory Muscles (Hardcover)

Ultrasound of the Diaphragm and the Respiratory Muscles By Massimo Zambon (Editor) Cover Image
By Massimo Zambon (Editor)
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Ultrasound is the most reliable, easily available, fast, non-invasive technique to study diaphragm function, and is an irreplaceable tool to diagnose, monitor, and follow -up critical respiratory patients. This essential guide analyses every aspect of ultrasound of the diaphragm and respiratory muscles, a reliable assessment whose function is vital to delivering the most suitable treatment. Ultrasound of the Diaphragm and the Respiratory Muscles also provides insight to diagnosing diaphragmatic dysfunction or paralysis following surgery or neuromuscular diseases, to follow the muscular activity and the time-course of atrophy during mechanical ventilation, and to monitor the weaning phase. It is ideal for professionals and trainees practicing ultrasound in a clinical setting.

Key Features

Sets the standard for training and competency of this emerging, yet scientifically approved non-invasive technique of ultrasound with all the essential information on how to perform ultrasound and interpret the images obtained.

Features clear and didactic images demonstrating echo findings in various situations along with videos of diaphragmatic ultrasound offering a unique "window" on mechanically ventilated patients, allowing to take important clinical decisions on ventilatory modes and assistance by pulmonologists, critical care specialists, thoracic surgeons, emergency medicine specialists, as well as trainees.

Includes a chapter on paediatric ultrasound along with ultrasound of other respiratory muscles (i.e., intercostal and abdominal) which is emerging as a useful complementary tool.

About the Author

Dr Massimo Zambon is a skilled Anesthesiologist and Critical Care specialist, Head of Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care of the Uboldo Hospital in Cernusco sul Naviglio - Milan. He holds wide expertise in intensive care medicine, mainly focusing in the application of ultrasound in critically ill patients. In the last decade, he has started to perform ultrasound of the diaphragm on critically ill patients, an innovative and non-invasive tool that allows to assess respiratory muscle function. He has published more than 20 papers in critical care indexed journals, mostly focused on ultrasound, and a number of abstracts and book chapters.
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